Looking to engage your audience more?


Have you heard the buzz about podcasts, but don’t know where to start when it comes to getting one made?


Does your brand have more of a story to tell?


Are you wanting more content to share online that doesn’t cost you the earth?

Podcasts are a brilliant way to engage with your audience. Imagine your ideal customer discovering your podcast on their phone and listening in their car, whilst walking their dog or at the gym. How would you feel if suddenly you have a broader reach to your potential audience and they then started talking even more about your brand – Amazing right? What about if you could add even more value to your customer’s life with engaging, funny audio content.

This is all possible in your brand’s podcast. Podcasts speak directly to people, normally listening through headphones, so you’re right in their earhole, which is pretty intimate.  Plus compared to the amount of video content uploaded each minute to YouTube there is significantly less noise in the podcast world. So all that’s holding you back is getting started!

I offer two podcast packages. One with me as your host offering almost two decades of broadcast experience.  I know how to get the best out of potential guests, or I could be on site at your chosen locations creating a unique listener experience for your brand.

The other is a helping hand. If you want to record your own content I’ll help you with the right kit, how to structure your show, then produce and publish it for you.  Together, we’ll create a season of podcasts or a more regular show –  published on all the exciting podcast platforms from iTunes to Acast. You will then have evergreen content which can be shared on your existing social media platforms and a whole new audience to speak to.

As you can tell, I think Podcasts are special. In a content rich world, where people want to stand out they are a way to still be intimate. Here’s some examples of my work.

For the last two years I’ve been hosting and producing a podcast called The Fertility Podcast about a very personal aspect of my life. It has a global audience and over 50,000 downloads and is now hosted on Acast. I also produce Little Voice Big Business for my business mentor, Nadia Finer which offers light hearted pearls of wisdom for entrepreneurs. In February 2016, I launched the Big Change of Heart podcast producing the first 9 episodes about dealing with a ‘change’ in your emotions when it comes to who you choose to be with, I then gave it’s host a style guide to continue on their podcasting journey. In October 2016, I launched the Karamel podcast. Karamel Content is a social media agency creating engaging online content. In March 2017 I began working with Surrogacy UK to create a podcast series helping people understand what is involved in becoming a surrogate and working with a surrogate, as well as covering the legal angle. It was launched in May 2017. In June 2017 I created a podcast series for OvuSense, an ovulation monitor helping women to understand their menstrual cycle and ultimate get pregnant or avoid pregnancy. The series was launched in July 2017 and I’ve just been commissioned to created a second series focusing on Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS).

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