I launched The Fertility Podcast in September 2014, once pregnant from fertility treatment. Whilst there is a wealth of information in the form of blogs about infertility and amazing communities offering support on twitter and facebook, I couldn’t find a UK produced podcast. Yes there have been discussions on BBC Radio 4’s Women’s Hour, BBC 5 Live LBC and local BBC stations about IVF and Fertility treatment and I also found content produced in the US, but nothing like what I was thinking of making. Plus I was fed up of all the sensationalised headlines in the tabloid press!

My aim was to create a safe place for men and women to find out more about issues affecting their route to parenthood from speaking to a wide range of people. I’ve just released my 100th episode which I’m really chuffed about. My back catalogue features interviews with leading fertility experts and men and women I have met online, willing to share their journey.

Now, I’m no expert, however having spoken to so many people struggling to conceive along with my own experience of having to have fertility treatment and have¬† I believe I’m in as good a place to give this subject a much needed voice. I have a good understanding of the issues that continue to affect people with infertility and a well connected community keeping me informed of what they are going through.¬† In a time where more and more people are struggling to have a family without help and funding on the NHS is being cut – people deserve to fully understand their options.The podcast has a global reach and has had over 80,000 downloads.

As well as making my own content I’m now producing podcasts for others within the fertility world who realise how powerful audio is. To date I have released a podcast series for Surrogacy UK and OvuSense.

The Fertility Podcast is now offering a unique opportunity for sponsorship and advertising. If you are looking to speak to a niche group of people with one common goal, to have a family of their own and would like to find out more about the opportunities available please complete the form below.


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