My little boy turned two last week, I made a cake , I didn’t last year. It went down a treat, especially with my son who ate his weight in cake and chocolate. It was Hey Duggee a character from his favourite TV programme which if you don’t know is about a Scout Leader dog who with guides his ‘squirrels’ through their badges. Since becoming a Mum and watching CBeebies, I’m now aware of how many voiceovers on children’s programmes aren’t just “character” voices but also just lovely narrated ones.  My son’s other favourite show at the moment is Bing, which has a character called Padget voiced by Bryony Hannah who plays Sister Mary Cynthia in Call The Midwife. There’s seems to be a theme with the cast of that show as the Twirlywoos is narrated by Linda Basset who plays Nurse Phyllis Crane in Call The Midwife.

Last year at VOX I heard a talk about voices for kiddies programmes and I’d always assumed I’d be ruled out as I can’t really do character voices. However, since becoming a parent and reading stories every night, I’m definitely getting better at creating them. I just need to work on keeping them up to the tale. It’s harder than you think. At Vox, the awesome Mark Silk, a character voice for Marvel and Go Jetters to name just a few.  Also Sarah Anne Kennedy shared her experience which really caught my attention. Sarah is the voice of Miss Rabbit in Peppa Pig and Nanny Plum in Ben and Holly’s Magic Kingdom and she sounds just like those characters she voices.

We had a chat after the talk and she gave me some tips on working in the world of children’s voices and now I’ve got even more books to practice on I’m on a mission to see if I can get something happening. So watch this space.

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